Java Programming [ Lab Manual ]

[R18] B-Tech II Year II Semester (2-2) CSE Java Programming Lab Manual JNTU Hyderabad (JNTUH).

This tutorial provides Lab Programs on various topics of Java Programming. It includes basic java programs, Exception handling, Multi threading, Double linked list, Sorting algorithms, GUI (AWT & Swing) Programs, Applet programs and etc., .

Java Programming Lab Programs

1. Use eclipse or Netbean platform and acquaint with the various menus, create a test project, add a test class and run it see how you can use auto suggestions, auto fill. Try code formatter and code refactoring like renaming variables, methods and classes. Try debug step by step with a small program of about 10 to 15 lines which contains at least one if else condition and a for loop. View Solution
2. Write a Java program that works as a simple calculator. Use a grid layout to arrange buttons for the digits and for the +, -,*, % operations. Add a text field to display the result. Handle any possible exceptions like divided by zero. View Solution
3. a) Develop an applet in Java that displays a simple message. View Solution
3. b) Develop an applet in Java that receives an integer in one text field, and computes its factorial Value and returns it in another text field, when the button named “Compute” is clicked. View Solution
4. Write a Java program that creates a user interface to perform integer divisions. The user enters two numbers in the text fields, Num1 and Num2. The division of Num1 and Num 2 is displayed in the Result field when the Divide button is clicked. If Num1 or Num2 were not an integer, the program would throw a Number Format Exception. If Num2 were Zero, the program would throw an Arithmetic Exception. Display the exception in a message dialog box. View Solution
5. Write a Java program that implements a multi-thread application that has three threads. First thread generates random integer every 1 second and if the value is even, second thread computes the square of the number and prints. If the value is odd, the third thread will print the value of cube of the number. View Solution
6. Write a Java program for the following: i) Create a doubly linked list of elements. ii) Delete a given element from the above list. iii)Display the contents of the list after deletion. View Solution
7. Write a Java program that simulates a traffic light. The program lets the user selects one of three lights: red, yellow, or green with radio buttons. On selecting a button, an appropriate message with Stop, Ready, or Go should appear above the buttons in the selected color. Initially, there is no message shown View Solution
8. Write a Java program to create an abstract class named Shape that contains two integers and an empty method named print Area (). Provide three classes named Rectangle, Triangle, and Circle such that each one of the classes extends the class Shape. Each one of the classes contains only the method print Area () that prints the area of the given shape. View Solution
9. Suppose that a table named Table.txt is stored in a text file. The first line in the file is the header, and the remaining lines correspond to rows in the table. The elements are separated by commas. Write a java program to display the table using Labels in Grid Layout. View Solution
10. Write a java program that handles all mouse events and shows the event name at the center of the window when a mouse event is fired (Use Adapter classes). View Solution