[R22] B-Tech II Year I Semester DATA VISUALIZATION - R PROGRAMMING/ POWER BI Lab Mannual JNTU Hyderabad (JNTUH).

This tutorial provides Lab Programs on various topics of DATA VISUALIZATION using R PROGRAMMING and POWER BI.

Power BI Lab Programs

1. Understanding Data, What is data, where to find data, Foundations for building Data Visualizations,Creating Your First visualization? View Solution
2. Getting started with Tableau Software using Data file formats, connecting your Data to Tableau,creating basic charts(line, bar charts, Tree maps),Using the Show me panel. View Solution
3. Tableau Calculations, Overview of SUM, AVR, and Aggregate features, Creating custom calculationsand fields View Solution
4. Applying new data calculations to your visualizations, Formatting Visualizations, Formatting Toolsand Menus, Formatting specific parts of the view. View Solution
5. Editing and Formatting Axes, Manipulating Data in Tableau data, Pivoting Tableau data. View Solution
6. Structuring your data, Sorting and filtering Tableau data, Pivoting Tableau data. View Solution
7. Advanced Visualization Tools: Using Filters, Using the Detail panel, using the Size panels, customizing filters, Using and Customizing tooltips, Formatting your data with colors. View Solution
8. Creating Dashboards & Storytelling, creating your first dashboard and Story, Design for differentdisplays, adding interactivity to your Dashboard, Distributing & Publishing your Visualization. View Solution
9. Tableau file types, publishing to Tableau Online, Sharing your visualizations, printing, and Exporting. View Solution
10. Creating custom charts, cyclical data and circular area charts, Dual Axis charts. View Solution